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About Us

For many years New Instruction, LLC had been known as an innovative provider of training, consulting and software development services, and clients have often asked us to share our software quality methodologies with them. Those requests led to the development of our longest running workshop, "Testing and Quality Assurance Techniques", now in it's 11th edition.

Do you remember how Microsoft began.....1975 in Bill Gates’ garage? Our company began in June of 1978 in “Sandy’s basement” — way back when BASIC was still very ‘basic’, before the days of personal computers — and our focus was on providing training in techniques of micro computer and mainframe integration.

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Although we are well-known for our Systems and Software Engineering offerings, we also have a wide selection of over 95 instructor-led workshops, in 10 additional categories, that can be expertly conducted at your location. And you, as our client, may be assured that the same diligent attention to detail and content that went into our first courseware - continues throughout our entire collection.

Our 1st commitment to you is to provide help in the areas of our extensive expertise - and to be honest enough to tell you if your solution better lies elsewhere. In us you will find the personalized feel of a small company, and as you get to know us you'll find reassuring comfort in dealing with training team people that have been happily working together for over 10 years.

Of course, not all of our standard workshops exactly address the demands of each client, so we have a system in place where you are able to personally discuss your training needs directly with our instructors. Adjustments can then be made to the standard courseware and delivery content to address these needs - at no additional cost to you!

Our instructors are experienced professionals, cross-trained in several interrelated technologies. In the classroom they maintain a neutral presentation, but can relate the strengths and weaknesses of products and present alternative solution strategies when warranted.

Your organization has "standards", and so do we. All of our instructors must achieve a 96% overall approval rating, with at least 80% of the participants rating them excellent…or they will not be allowed to teach for us.

Our corporate philosophy and what we stand for:

Responsive client service

New Instruction has an absolute commitment to providing responsive and courteous client service. Our reputation has been built upon delivering technical training solutions at a level that not only meets our clients' expectations, it exceeds them!

Dedication to quality

We aim for excellence in our efforts to recruit and retain the highest caliber workforce. Our facilitators are hands-on seasoned practitioners who demonstrate competence, reliability, creativity, and professionalism. Our training materials are continuously updated and improved to enhance the learning experience. We provide you with the finest quality assurance project procedures in this industry, from the moment of initial scheduling to the successful completion of each individual workshop.

Unquestioned integrity

We earn our clients' trust by exhibiting honesty and respect throughout the entire training process. Strong client relationships are our focus and the core of our success. Repeat business comprises the largest percentage of our revenue.

Creative training solutions

We listen. We react. We customize. A continuous cycle of listening and reacting to our clients' needs permits us to offer creative and successful training solutions. We provide flexible training schedules, administer pre- and post- testing and build progressive integrated training tracks.

Professional competence

New Instruction conscientiously seeks facilitators with a balance of classroom expertise and field experience. We support and encourage our instructors to continue their personal development by renewing certifications and keeping their skills sharp in an ever-changing world of technology. Our office staff demonstrates competence, commitment and dedication in providing the ultimate in service.

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