Process Mapping Bootcamp
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training
How to Master the Detection, Design and Streamlining of Business Processes

This 2-day Immersive Learning event is the first in our series of Process Management accelerated workshops. It introduces you to the foundational discipline of process mapping, thoroughly grounding you in the fundamentals and change in thinking required to come at this skill set with the proper mind-set. By using the Immersive Learning methods you will find that what you need to know instantly comes to mind when the situation requires it. Through fun (but intense) labs, teamwork, detection and design sessions you will acquire the equivalent of one year's experience in Process Mapping and the larger Process Management context within which it fits.

Together we will simulate live cases where we must play investigative reporter, and objectively observe with our exclusive Look-In/Look-Out thought process that allows us to see the processes that make up "the water we swim in". Upon detection, we learn to map "what is" in a standardized way that then allows multidisciplinary "what should be" discussions about better ways of doing things (business processes). We then step into the design role and become an effective business process modeler, designer and reengineer.

Once equipped — by experiencing this event — the impact on your organization is potentially transformational. The result? Even complex interlocking processes can be caught "in a glance." That is the spark of genius that makes you an expert process detective, and in turn, a more effective Process Mapper and improved solution provider.

Who Should Attend

Senior managers, marketing executives and managers needing better IT support, team leaders of process improvement initiatives, IT project managers that need to automate workflows and turn business process into business transactions, CIOs needing to transition IT staffs from cost center to profit center, managers of operations, administration, or manufacturing, directors/coordinators of TQM, CQI, or Six Sigma, members of process improvement and reengineering teams, process owners, managers, analysts and engineers, and anyone actively involved in process or quality improvement efforts.

Workshop Objectives
  • Learn how processes interact to form a system.
  • Identify and understand your organization's true core processes.
  • Detect and remove system flaws and activities that do not add value in workflows.
  • Analyze complex processes and their challenges.
  • Learn how to apply process documentation and analysis techniques to solve complex business challenges.
  • Learn to take a "systems thinking" approach to process improvement.
  • Learn how to utilize a comprehensive mapping "tool kit" to analyze processes.
  • Learn how to help an organization capture it's processes in standardized maps that then enable it to take a quantum leap in improved efficiency and more reusable, reconfigurable business processes that result in more consistent high-quality output.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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