Mastering Use Case Modeling
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This 5-day workshop is designed to introduce and create mastery in the capture of modern software system requirements in a use case model. It capitalizes on best practices while updating them for relevance in the newest system architectures of today. Whether a legacy system is to be refactored, or a greenfield project is being considered, this workshop will create a solid foundation for all those involved in eliciting and documenting the new system.

Explicating the requirements of a new system from the minds of domain experts who can't see "the water they swim in" has become the most treacherous waters to navigate in the whole of the Software Development Life cycle (SDLC). This workshop has the courage to face the greatest development challenges head-on. Its author is both a psychologist and software engineer, and a seasoned veteran in all phases of software development. He knows the frustrations developers experience from inadequate requirements, having dealt with it while working with U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, municipalities and Fortune 1000 companies. The event is loaded with lessons from the trenches and is heavily "hands-on" (about 65%), with portions of lecture followed by two levels of workshops designed to help the participants internalize and apply the concepts: Activity Labs and Immersive Learning Labs.

Who Should Attend

This learning event is beneficial for anyone that may be involved in software development, including managers (both business and IT) who may need to direct a requirements analysis effort, office personnel who may need to contribute business expertise, analysts who will need to define and organize the requirements, and developers who will need to construct the system from use case models.

Workshop Objectives
  • Create mastery in understanding the context within which use cases are utilized.
  • Create mastery in understanding use cases as the epitome of requirements capture.
  • Create mastery in detecting system needs underneath stakeholder requests.
  • Create mastery in the writing of clear, unambiguous use cases.
  • Create wisdom of understanding to know exactly how much detail to include.
  • Create mastery of standardized notation in the drawing of use case diagrams.
  • Catch the feel of an iterative incremental approach to developing system requirements.
  • Learn how to use basic and advanced techniques to refine the use case model.
  • Create the ability to integrate data and process requirements.
  • Create a documentation hierarchy and standards for defining levels of requirements.
  • Gain facility in dealing with change through requirement attributes and traceability.
  • Keep the large picture (SDLC) in mind while working on the details (use cases).
  • Learn to manage system scope amidst changing requirements.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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