Persuasive Presentations: From Design to Delivery
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

To become a great persuasive presenter, you need to do more that just deliver information — you must move people into action. This demands that your skills include how to inspire, motivate, and persuade. In short, you must connect with your audience and present your material in such a way that they can have the best chance of hearing, understanding, and retaining your message.

This Immersive Learning 3-day workshop will equip you with exactly the practical skills you need to give dynamic, professional, and yes, persuasive presentations. You'll discover how to craft a great first impression, forge a lasting connection with your audience, use visual aids to their best effect, and use links and cues to cause your material to be retained and remembered when needed most.

The workshop is intensely lab-focused, highly interactive, and will allow you to practice the skills as they are introduced. You'll have several opportunities to give on-camera presentations followed by immediate feedback from participants and coaching from the workshop leader (and author). Group size is designed to be small to ensure that you receive plenty of individualized coaching appropriate to the kinds of presentations your job asks of you. You will come away from the workshop already having learned the basics and with a set of stretch goals for improving your skills in more advanced ways. You'll leave with a clear idea of how to prepare and deliver your message with greater impact, a call to action, delivered in a more memorable way and with a feeling of confidence throughout.

Who Should Attend

Management, salespeople/account executives, anyone who wants to improve their self-confidence and personal presentation skills.

Workshop Objectives
  • Discover why effective presentations are still the most effective way to get a message across.
  • Establish instant rapport and avenue of influence with each attendee (12 or less).
  • Master the essentials: content design, structure, organizing and packaging ideas and information, applying the psychology of persuasion, and delivering toward a desired result.
  • Learn to be genuinely enthusiastic at will, regardless of how you feel.
  • Channel nervous energy positively into increased confidence.
  • Handle difficult questions with composure.
  • Learn to maximize your tools to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Elements of an effective slide presentation.
  • Learn the basics of presentation style.
  • Orchestrate your voice and body language to bolster rather than hinder your delivery.
  • Deal with the natural fears of public speaking.
  • Learn the psychology of persuasion as applied to presentation design and delivery.
  • Use time effectively.
  • Drill the skills through multiple extended labs.
  • Learn best practices.

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