Building High-Performance Self-Directed Work Teams
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training
An Immersive Learning Experience

This workshop is rooted in the author's experience working with over 100 high tech and low tech firms across the last 13 years combined with a review of over 50 studies on high performance teams. It represents a systematic and immersive approach to learning the distilled essence of what it means to be a high-performance team and how you go about building one.

The best of the best characteristics, designed an elegant accelerated program for learning the eight skill sets that yield those established characteristics, and systematically worked in drills that cause the knowledge learned to be applied. We call it a "hands-on brain" approach. It is both informative — creating knowledge to be encoded in simple inheritance hierarchies that are easily memorized by a graphical diagram — and sensory immersive as each skill set through scenarios and drills is applied and through debriefing sessions "debugged." In this 5-day workshop participants will not only know what it takes to create and become a high performance team, but they will have actively and immersively experienced it through multisensory exercises that "wire it in" and create an experience base that can be called upon in real world contexts.

Who Should Attend

This hands-on workshop provides the ultimate learning experience for all those who both lead and work within a team that seeks to improve its performance. To determine if your team needs this workshop, circle the characteristics that do describe your team; cross off those that don't describe your team. If your assessment shows you are weak or missing in two or more areas, your team will experience a measurable ROI from this program.


Participants will do best if they have at least worked in groups before. The workshop is designed to equip an entire team in self-directed high performance and ready them for a wide array of upcoming challenges.

Workshop Objectives
  • Learn what makes a group become a team, and a team become self-directing and consistently high performing.
  • Gain a knowledgebase of high-performance principles gleaned from the world's most successful teams.
  • Detect the AntiPatterns to high performance.
  • Maximize diversity in team performance.
  • Be able to evaluate and build both the environment and personnel of a High-Performance Team (HPT).
  • Learn how to turn an existing team into a Self-Directed Work Team (SDWT).
  • Create participative leadership within a team – and share responsibility responsibly.
  • Know how to align a team on purpose and vision – and get and keep a team task-focused.
  • Learn how to innovate as needed.
  • Creatively solve problems – and build strong communication skills.
  • Be responsive to continuous change and sudden change and their impact on team dynamics.
  • Be able to self-monitor your efforts while keeping team progress in view.
  • Learn how virtual teams deal with geographic remoteness and still reach high performance.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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