Understanding and Managing Stress
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Deadlines, hi-tech communications, long commutes, crazy hours, two income families and global business all contribute to new levels of stress experienced in the world today. Today's workplace is a high pressure and fast-paced work environment. Many employees complain about and would like to reduce the stress they feel and the uncomfortable aftermath. This 1-day interactive workshop is for those people, and also for individuals who simply want to manage the troublesome stress in their lives.

Understanding and Managing Stress will help participants to be more productive at work, and able to live a more balanced and satisfying life. This workshop imparts knowledge, provides exercises, and teaches stress reduction techniques that can be applied immediately. It provides complete guidance for developing and implementing personal and organizational stress reduction plans. The education and experience can be applied to professional and personal lives.

Who Should Attend

Stress and distress are issues for everyone from time to time; therefore, anyone can benefit from attending this workshop. Business stress management leaders can pick up ideas about how to do their jobs better. Executive teams and work teams can benefit from the experience of participating in this workshop together. A mixed audience of employees, managers and executives is usually beneficial to the individual, the team, and the organization. Small groups and large audiences can both be accommodated.

Workshop Objectives
  • Obtain a better understanding of stress and what triggers individual stress.
  • Recognize the difference between stress (okay) and distress (not okay).
  • Improve knowledge, skill and strategy for reducing the unwanted stress in our organizations, our lives and the lives of those with whom we interact.
  • Reduce the level of personal stress.
  • Increase the ability to face stressful situations, as they arise, with a new attitude, skill and confidence.
  • Increase the ability to make better decisions under pressure.
  • Develop plans for stress reduction.
  • Develop strategies for better balance between work and home.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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