Wireless Networks: Theory, Practice and Security
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This is a 2-day workshop covering all the major topics and issues involved in planning, deploying and managing wireless networks. Your attendance will expose you to the latest wireless theories and best-practices — including the 802.11 protocols, antennae specifications, architecture layouts, management, and security issues — in a multidimensional learning environment involving lectures, demonstrations with live wireless networks, examples and exercises.

The workshop will focus on applying the theory learned during the first part of the sessions with the practices of management, monitoring, and control of your organization's wireless environment. The examples and exercises will be oriented towards real-life situations in which the participants can incorporate their own experiences and get answers to questions concerning current problems and issues.

During the workshop sessions, the concepts of understanding the "what" and "how" of wireless network operation will be integrated with the "why" and "wherefore" of sound planning and management of such network infrastructures. Issues of wireless security, intrusion detection, and solutions will be prominent throughout the session discussions to ensure the participant's grasp of making their wireless environment safe and productive.

Participants are encouraged to bring laptop computers as there will be a limited number of wireless cards for use during the workshop so that everyone will be able to see and experience actual WLAN (wireless local area network) setup, management and intrusion detection situations.

Who Should Attend

This workshop will be very beneficial to all those involved in an organization's wireless networking efforts: network administrators, technical support personnel, LAN administrators, system administrators, network security officers, MIS/IS/IT management personnel, and field support technicians. Technical and management personnel from organizations that have deployed wireless networks (or are planning on doing so) and would benefit from the current topics and issues discussed during the workshop sessions.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand the wireless networking protocols currently being used and those in the development and standardization process.
  • Learn the different types of wireless network topologies from personal wireless architectures to metropolitan-sized unbounded networks.
  • Examine the theory behind the radio spectrum being used in today's wireless environments.
  • Learn how different types of antennae can impact the wireless network's performance and boundaries.
  • Dissect the different security protocols such as WEP, WPA, Kerberos, and TKIP.
  • Discover how wireless architectures can be chosen to match your organization's needs and requirements for improved coverage and security.
  • Using industry "best-practices", learn how to manage your wireless networks so that your organization can improve its TCO (total cost of ownership) of its wireless investment.
  • Learn the different wireless equipment components needed to deploy a complete network such as access points, wireless routers, firewalls, mobility cards, antennae, security devices, and authentication servers.
  • Understand the software components of a well-planned-out wireless network.
  • Discover how to develop a workable wireless network installation using an easy step-by-step network plan.
  • Uncover the necessary management skills and tools needed to assist in ensuring a wireless network that will provide an acceptable return-on-investment to an organization.
  • Learn the issues involved in wireless network security such as developing a security plan, understanding wireless vulnerabilities, and knowing wireless hacks and their perpetrators.
  • Discover how-to "hacker-proof" a wireless network to minimize down-time and lost productivity.
  • See actual wireless networks in operation under different configurations and layouts.

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