Implementing and Supporting Local Area Networks
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

Upon completion of this 2-day workshop you will understand the role of each of the hardware and software components that comprise a Local Area Network (LAN). A presentation of cable types, topologies, and wiring schemes will aid in evaluating your connectivity options. You will understand how CSMA/CD (802.3 and Ethernet) and Token Ring (802.5) hardware operates so that you will know what to expect when installing, administering, and troubleshooting these technologies. Network software features, configurations, and intersections will be discussed. After building a single conceptual LAN, we will discuss how LANs are connected using repeaters, bridges, routers, and gateways. Finally, you will also learn the basics of network security, management, and troubleshooting.

Who Should Attend

Any individual with a (new) job description (such as LAN Administrator, Network Troubleshooter, Software Designer, or Application Developer) requiring a solid knowledge of modern network technologies, and will benefit from this systematic description of LAN components and concepts.

Workshop Objectives
  • Identify the fundamental components of a Local Area Network.
  • List the roles, features, advantages, and disadvantages of network connectors such as bridges, switches, and routers.
  • Recognize the features and applications of coaxial, twisted pair, and fiber optic cables.
  • Explain the basic probabilistic operation of CSMA/CD systems.
  • Explain the basic deterministic operation of Token Ring systems.
  • Discuss the broad areas of network security concerns and potential solutions in each area.
  • Understand current network management alternatives, including the basics of SNMP and DMI.
  • Present at least two ways of approaching a network troubleshooting problem.
  • List and describe the use of instruments that could be used for testing a LAN.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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