Data and Voice Networking over TCP/IP
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This 3-day workshop builds a solid understanding of data and voice networking over TCP/IP from the ground up for personnel who have data and voice communications responsibilities. Students will work hands-on throughout the workshop and learn to use a variety of useful commands for checking response time, viewing current network statistics, and probing key services. Demonstrations with a network monitor/protocol-analyzer will enable the class to view and dissect network traffic.

Tracing is done via Ethereal which is Open Source Software, freely available to students via download. Hands-on commands used in the workshop include ipconfig, netstat, ping, tracert/traceroute, arp, nslookup, whois, ftp, and views of security certificates.

Who Should Attend

Network personnel responsible for the design, installation, maintenance, control center, and help desk support of IP data and voice networks. Typical participants include systems designers, engineers, network managers, service architects, product specialists, performance analysts, and support personnel responsible for voice and data networks, as well as vendor and service provider personnel. Systems managers, integrators, computer communications specialists and applications personnel also will find this workshop valuable.

Workshop Objectives
  • Master the structure of TCP/IP and VoIP, and understand the implications for your data, voice, and media traffic flows.
  • Obtain essential knowledge of how IP and VoIP traffic is encapsulated on LAN and WAN links, and how it can affect performance.
  • Learn about manual and automated configuration options for network devices.
  • Recognize the Quality of Service problems at each layer, and explore options for solving them.
  • Analyze addressing plans, and find out about the IP address dilemma.
  • Interact with a DHCP configuration server and DNS name server, and view the message exchange.
  • See how IP network routes are selected.
  • Use simple commands to get troubleshooting information fast, and learn how to use a free monitor tool to obtain error reports, capture traffic, and analyze network behavior.
  • Master VoIP terminology and concepts for SIP or H.323 calls and softswitch components (e.g., Signaling Gateways, Media Gateways and Media Gateway Controllers).
  • Walk through scenarios illustrating the steps in setting up VoIP calls and transmitting the payloads. Analyze SIP captures.

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