Windows Workflow Foundation
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This 3-day workshop walks developers through the process of learning Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). Microsoft has provided the Windows Workflow Foundation, a set of assemblies based on the .NET Framework 2.0 (as part of the .NET Framework 3.0), along with a full-featured workflow designer built on top of Visual Studio 2005, and it's free.

Windows Workflow Foundation makes it easy to create applications that follow a flow, or react to events and move from state to state. By providing a visual interface for designing the applications, and by binding code activities directly to the design of the application, Windows Workflow Foundation makes it easier than ever to create and maintain complex business applications. In addition, Windows Workflow Foundation provides a runtime engine that manages your application's behavior (that is, the "plumbing") and enforces the workflow. The runtime makes sure the workflow behaves in the manner in which you designed and coded it.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for application developers that need to create applications that manage workflows. System architects and business analysts should also attend to learn how using WF can make it easy to implement systems that manage business processes.

Workshop Objectives
  • Learn the prerequisites for Windows Workflow Foundation.
  • Investigate all the available workflow activities.
  • Learn how to handle exceptions in workflow applications.
  • Work with Delay and Listen activities.
  • Learn how to use RuleSets and Policy activities in workflows.
  • Provide bi-directional communications between the workflow and the host.
  • Understand the difference between sequential and state machine workflows.
  • Learn when and how the workflow runtime persists information about a workflow.
  • Learn when and how the workflow runtime tracks information about a workflow.
  • Understand how to group activities into a transaction.
  • Modify an executing workflow from the host application.
  • Explore how to maintain state between workflow Web service method calls.

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