Going Further with Visual Basic
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This 5-day hands-on workshop is a direct follow-up to Getting Started with Visual Basic. It covers advanced features of Visual Basic 2008 such as delegates, events, multithreading, attributes, reflection, and dealing with memory management. In addition, participants will explore how to use VB to develop enterprise-level applications within the .NET Framework: from accessing data using ADO.NET, LINQ, and XML processing classes to building Web applications with ASP.NET, Web Services, and WCF Services. Lastly, the class takes a look at specific performance-monitoring and security features that .NET provides. Throughout the workshop the instructor will discuss issues of performance, design, and best practices as they relate to the various topics presented, and participants will develop a start-to-end application.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at VB 2008 developers who are ready to explore advanced features of the language and start developing enterprise-level applications and components.


Participants should have experience with VB 2008 and the .NET Framework equivalent to the information covered in Getting Started with Visual Basic. This workshop's first chapter review of beginning-level topics will not be sufficient for learning the necessary material thoroughly enough.

Workshop Objectives
  • Learn about issues related to memory management.
  • Build multithreaded applications with synchronized code.
  • Write event-driven code using events and delegates.
  • Access relational databases and process XML data from VB code.
  • Build Web applications using ASP.NET, .NET Web Services, and WCF Services.
  • Monitor the performance of your code.
  • Implement a variety of security measures.

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