Going Further with C#
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This 5-day workshop will walk developers through the process of learning the advanced concepts of Microsoft C# 2008 in order to build sophisticated applications. Participants will learn how to apply C# to build real world applications. We will create a simple database and explore various methods of using C# to work with the data including ADO.NET and LINQ. We will also create business classes that represent data entities, and learn how to read text and XML files from — and write text and XML files to — the file system. In accordance with creating a real world application throughout the course, the participants will learn to create and test ASP.NET Web and WCF services, and how to create Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) forms, ASP.NET Web forms, ASP.NET AJAX, and Silverlight applications. Finally, participants will learn to debug, test, and deploy C# applications.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for application developers who must not only master C# 2008, but also need to learn to apply their C# skills to create and test applications using proven industry design standards.

Workshop Objectives
  • Create real world sample applications using WPF, ASP.NET, and Silverlight.
  • Learn to debug C# applications.
  • Generate and conduct unit tests on a C# application.
  • Deploy C# applications created for Windows and the Web.
  • Manage data stored in a relational database and local files using ADO.NET and LINQ.
  • Create business classes to represent and encapsulate data.
  • Expose data to client application consumers using ASP.NET Web services and WCF services.
  • Consume services using WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, and Silverlight applications.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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