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In this 3-day workshop participants will learn what Web Services are and how they can be of service to modern businesses. Also, attendees will get an introductory exposure to the core Web Services concepts and technologies. The preparatory activities that an enterprise should complete before undertaking a Web Services initiative are discussed. Emphasis is placed on de-mystifying jargon and acronyms, and presenting graphical representations of the relationships and interplay between the various architectural levels and functional components that make up the world of Web Services.

A brief review of the technological "family tree" of Web Services helps to establish a context for the current state of the technology and the industry. A review of the business requirements that are driving the evolution of Web Services helps define the "need" that Web Services are trying to fulfill. A discussion of the solutions that are being gradually supplanted by Web Services helps to define the scope of what is being replaced, and it also helps establish the minimum service requirements of any new solution.

Having established a context for the discussion, the class moves into the various functional areas of Web Services, the completeness of the specifications for the various functional levels, the locations of helpful resources regarding Web Services, the various tools useful in implementing Web Services and class exercises intended to engage and educate the participants.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed toward technically literate executives, project leads and Web Services developers. It should be invaluable to ANYONE thinking about undertaking a Web Services effort.

Workshop Objectives
  • Define Web Services.
  • Provide World Wide Web resources to support the various aspects of Web Services.
  • Review the background and current requirements necessitating Web Services.
  • Discuss the functional roles of the components of the Web Services standards initiative.
  • Discuss what activities an enterprise should do before starting a Web Services initiative.
  • Expose students to (or review) basic XML concepts.
  • Use the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).
  • Assist students in implementing a simple Web Services transaction.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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