Web Security: Defending Your Electronic Frontier
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This is a 2-day workshop covering all the major topics and issues involved in planning, deploying and managing a web security solution. Your attendance will expose you to the latest security issues, hacking concepts, prevention solutions, and best-practices including standardized security protocols, layered prevention architectures, web management, and current case studies in a multidimensional learning environment involving lectures, demonstrations with live web security examples and exercises. The workshop will focus on applying the theory learned during the first part of the sessions with the practices of management, monitoring, and control of your organization's web hosting environment. The examples and exercises will be oriented towards real-life situations in which the participants can incorporate their own experiences and get answers to questions concerning current problems and issues.

During the workshop sessions, the concepts of understanding the "what" and "how" of improving web security will be integrated with the "why" and "wherefore" of sound security planning and management of such protection infrastructures. Issues of holistic security strategies, intrusion detection, and solutions will be prominent throughout the session discussions to ensure the participant's grasp of making their web security environment practical, efficient, and cost-effective. Participants are encouraged to bring laptop computers as there will be a limited number of wireless cards for use during the workshop so that everyone will be able to see and experience actual web security activities, hacking demonstrations, and systems hardening exercises.

Who Should Attend

This workshop will be very beneficial to all those involved in an organization's information and web infrastructure efforts: informational security personnel, network administrators, technical support personnel, web masters and mistresses, Internet server administrators, web system administrators, network security officers, MIS/IS/IT management personnel, and web developers. Technical and management personnel from organizations that have deployed web platforms, and need of in-depth information on how to protect an organization's web stores and services.

Workshop Objectives
  • Cover the basics of web application architectures and components.
  • Learn the parts of a web hosting environment most vulnerable to attacks.
  • Discover how authentication and authorization schemes help and hurt.
  • Obtain information on how holistic web security is the best approach to prevention.
  • Understand how intruders use "system profiling" to probe a web environment's weaknesses.
  • Discover how the underlying network and systems can compromise web security.
  • Apply the "laws of effective security" to improve a web's resistance to hacking.
  • Learn the concepts of cryptography and how to apply them to reduce eavesdropping.
  • Develop a sound web security plan.
  • Discover how hackers and intruders think and operate in order to defeat their efforts.
  • Reduce the amount of information leakage usually found in "unprotected" webs.
  • Understand how scripting and URL programming are a hacker's haven.
  • Learn about the most frequently deployed web server, DBMS, and browser hacks.
  • Obtain lists of current web environment vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Discover how to harden a web environment to reduce exposure to these threats.
  • Use industry "best-practices" to design, develop, and deploy an effective web security plan.
  • Learn how to develop high-security web applications.
  • Walk through actual case studies in order to learn from other's mistakes.
  • Discuss the current security tools, and security solutions available on the market.
  • By exercise and demonstration, see how a web site is attacked and subverted.
  • Obtain a better understanding how to implement web security without breaking the bank.
  • Learn how to get management's approval to implement effective web security solutions.

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