Understanding Service-Oriented Modeling and Architecture (SOMA): A Management Overview
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Welcome to a world-class workshop for managers in the fundamentals of how to comprehend, detect, document, notate, and manage business-process driven implementations of service-oriented enterprise architecture deployments. This 5-day workshop is designed to equip today's managers with an understanding of the inner workings of Service-Oriented Architectures and the Business Process Modeling mechanics managers must know to fully leverage the SOA platform. When put into practice, the skills learned during this workshop serve to fulfill the executive strategy of aligning IT departments with business strategy using a SOMA standards-based approach. Such a convergence will serve to develop more optimal and operationally-integrated business processes that can be implemented by departments, business units, and business partner networks across the globe. Such alignment opens the door to "the plum in the pudding" — enterprise-wide congruence.

Who Should Attend

Managers, project managers, business domain experts, technical project leads, business analysts, customer support personnel, and IT staff who may be involved in refactoring legacy systems and/or developing new software systems. Managers will gain an invaluable overview as they become familiar with the concepts and become versed in proper terminology and standardized diagraming notation.


None, except for a desire to participate in aligning business strategy with technical prowess. Previous knowledge of Object-Oriented languages and concepts is not necessary but helpful. Some sense of what current procedural IT systems do will also be helpful.

Workshop Objectives
  • Comfortably converse both verbally (terminology) and visually (diagram notation) re SOMA in a 2010 industry-standard context, including how OSGi is standardizing SOA implementations.
  • Become a master "systems sleuth", detecting proposed system points of integration.
  • Learn how to communicate complex ideas and processes effectively to IT staff.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to the discipline of business analysis and the modeling of business processes that will run on a Service-Oriented Architecture.
  • Follow a step-by-step process for interviewing, eliciting, researching, and documenting SOMA requirements.
  • Create a Service Requirements Document (SRD) that conforms to the latest standards.
  • Perform deep analysis on problem domains and be able to model prototype solutions for software architects and designers.
  • Gain practice in drawing and using SOMA artifacts.
  • See how component technologies and XML enable mixed-language, mixed-platform, and distributed systems development to all come together in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Develop strategies for applying SOMA across your areas of responsibility yet within an enterprise SOA.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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