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The World Wide Web has spawned many new technologies, one of which is the manner of embedding a programming environment within a web page. There have been many scripting languages developed to fulfill this need, but JavaScript appears to have finally taken the lead and is now the most popular scripting language in use today.

This 3-day workshop will take the attendee from the basics of JavaScript using examples and hands-on exercises through the more advanced topics such as file handling, JavaScript messaging, JavaScript troubleshooting and debugging of 3rd party scripts. The attendees will learn how JavaScript uses very simple, but effective techniques to manipulate data streams of many forms either on the client-side or the server-side. In the three days, attendees will learn and discover all the major JavaScript components and operations that are found in most scripting environments on the Internet today.

The workshop is heavily "hands-on" (about 60%) with a series of exercises and problem sets.

Who Should Attend

Those from IT development and/or programming departments such as programmers, developers, application designers, system designers, and maintenance programmers. A familiarity with HTML and/or XML will be very helpful as the workshop is also focused on using JavaScript to manipulate the web page object model for using JavaScript within an HTML page.


An understanding of a procedural or Object-Oriented language. Knowledge of HTML and/or XML will be helpful in understanding the programming environment of JavaScript.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand the differences between JavaScript and the Java programming language.
  • Learn what browsers support which versions of JavaScript.
  • Discover how to use the <script> element for embedding JavaScript into a web page.
  • Understanding JavaScript capabilities and requirements for using scripting.
  • Learn about the JavaScript programming environment: editors, debuggers, etc.
  • Discover how to use functions and methods in JavaScript.
  • Understand how to use variables, naming requirements and data types in JavaScript.
  • Learn how to create, use, and manipulate strings and arrays in JavaScript.
  • Learn how to make decisions, use conditionals, and implement testing structures in JavaScript.
  • Discover how to design and use looping and iterative structures in JavaScript.
  • Discover how JavaScript is "object-sensitive" vs. being truly Object-Oriented.
  • Using events and event handlers in JavaScript to control and time operations.
  • Use JavaScript to load, manipulate and convert HTML objects and XML data files.
  • Discover how to manipulate file handling in JavaScript on the client and server.
  • Understand how to design, development and deploy JavaScript applications.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot and debug existing 3rd party JavaScript applications.
  • Use current tools and editors to create, edit, and troubleshoot JavaScript solutions.

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