Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)
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Sun Microsystems's JavaBeans provide a means of modularizing applications with simple, reusable components. While they are very useful for local use, JavaBeans themselves are too simple to add much value to enterprise-level business applications. Enter Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs). Though they share part of their name with standard JavaBeans, EJBs are a whole different animal. With built-in support for the common infrastructure issues of object persistence, security, and transaction management, EJBs combine server-side components with distributed object technology. This results in greatly simplified program development by allowing developers to spend their time concentrating on the business logic specific to their applications.

This 5-day hands-on workshop covers the EJB fundamentals of implementing session, entity, and the new EJB 3.0. Students will then delve into more complex topics like distributed transactional programming, exception handling, and security and performance issues. The workshop also presents invaluable design and testing strategies that have been proven in the field. In addition, the instructor will often discuss issues of troubleshooting and best practices as they relate to the various topics presented throughout the workshop.

Students will have the opportunity to utilize their new skills with many hands-on exercises using Java EE 5 Software Development Kit (SDK).

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for experience Java developers who wish to create Java 5 Platform, Enterprise Edition, Java EE 5 applications using secure, scalable, and transactional EJB components.


Students are expected to have a strong Java programming background, with experience in advanced techniques such as multithreading. Familiarity with JDBC and transactional programming is helpful, though not necessary. The instructor will assume, however, that students know the basics of relational databases and SQL.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand the roles and architecture of EJBs.
  • Implement session, entity, and message-driven beans.
  • Compare Bean-Managed and Container-Managed Persistence (BMP and CMP).
  • Learn about the services offered by the EJB container and successfully manage its resources.
  • Optimize the performance of your EJB application.
  • Use local and distributed transactions to ensure data integrity.
  • Design robust, secure, and scalable applications.
  • Create a test suite that meets the challenges of the EJB environment.

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