Flash 8 for Developers
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This 2-day workshop is no less than 70% hands-on, and no more than 30% lecture — participants "learn by doing." The workshop is designed for experienced application developers, and introduces them to the Flash IDE and how best to develop applications using ActionScript 2 for the Flash 8 Player. The workshop begins with an overview of the Flash workflow to help developers better understand it from the designers perspective. Participants take an in-depth look at how to use ActionScript to interface with the Flash timeline animations and library. Next we learn how to use modular OOP techniques to create robust applications using Flash.

The ActionScript training progresses through basic syntax and code structure, and then moves on to Class based programming, and subclasses of the major object types. We will also cover using components, and working with media such as sound and video streams. Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will not only have a clear understanding of the ActionScript 2.0 language and Built-in Classes, but will also know how to create custom classes and packages, and how to integrate all the controls with a typical Flash timeline driven animation and linkage to Library content. All the applications created will demonstrate best programming practices and practical ways to leverage pre-existing design and animation content in the Flash movie file.

Who Should Attend

Experienced application developers.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand Flash player and Flash app workflow for a typical application.
  • Explore the Flash workspace and the Flash documents.
  • Learn basic Flash movie elements and graphics content management.
  • Use the movie timeline and keyframes and layers.
  • Understand Symbols and the Library.
  • Use ActionScript in the .fla file.
  • Debug Flash movies, and error handling.
  • Interact with movie file elements.
  • Use external Data.
  • Understand packages and classes.
  • Create a typical Flash application using the Flash IDE.
  • Use ActionScript to create and manipulate graphic elements.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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