Advanced Ruby Programming
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Since its release in 1995, Ruby has grown into a full-featured capable Object-Oriented programming environment: complete with standard libraries, built-in classes and modules, and networking capabilities via its sockets-based objects. This 3 day, hands-on workshop builds upon a participant's basic knowledge and experience with Ruby to provide a more detailed, complete experience of the Ruby programming environment. During this workshop, the attendee will learn how to use Ruby's vast standard libraries and modules to complete tasks such as database access, file control and management, networking, and server interaction. Successful completion of this fast-paced, intense workshop will prepare the attendee to utilize most of the advanced features of Ruby in his/her ever day programming environment thereby gaining the benefits that Ruby brings to such programming activities.

This advanced workshop delves into the topics of using Ruby in environments requiring threading, multi-threading, network access via sockets, web server access and programming, web service generation, and security.

During this 3-day hands-on workshop the attendee will learn how to use the extensive capabilities of Ruby to support the more advanced tasks required of a programming solution in today's inter-networked, security-focused environments.

Who Should Attend

Web developers, programmers, and other web personnel, current users of C++, Java, C##, and those with web-related scripting languages will all benefit.


Familiarity and experience with the basic concepts of the Ruby programming language, or programming experience with an Object-Oriented programming language: C++, Java, or C#.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand the Ruby environment: standard libraries, modules, and built-in classes.
  • Discover how to create customized objects and methods.
  • Understand the manner in which Ruby uses standard libraries to simplify programming activities.
  • Learn how Ruby implements inheritance and dynamic method invocation.
  • Learn how to extend standard Ruby components to improve reusability.
  • Examine Ruby's use of reflection and objects to simplify complex programming tasks.
  • Understand how to use Ruby in a distributed environment.
  • Understand how to link into an operating system's internals using system hooks.
  • Understanding the concept of "duck typing" in Ruby.
  • Discover simplified testing and module development in Ruby.
  • Using Ruby in a high security environment to prevent unwanted access or viewing.
  • Learn how Ruby utilizes threads to support task-oriented programming design.

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