Advanced Perl Programming
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Building on concepts learned in Introduction to Perl Programming, this 3-day workshop exposes the attendee to concepts and techniques essential to any intermediate to advanced application of Perl in the professional environment. Students will be introduced to data references and their use in complex data structures and Object-Oriented Programming; an introduction to several useful modules, including for database interface (DBI) and web programming (CGI) will be accompanied by techniques for creating and using custom modules. Finally, Perl's powerful Regular Expression engine for text analysis and processing will be explored.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is geared toward the Perl programmer who has started working with Perl and wishes to extend his or her knowledge and practical range into advanced and extended Perl programming situations.


The Introduction to Perl seminar or equivalent knowledge, plus field experience writing new Perl code and modifying existing Perl code in practical situations.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand and identify Perl reference syntax, and use references to create complex data structures such as arrays of arrays, hashes of arrays, etc.
  • Use complex data structures to model structured data as found in repositories such as databases, text files or network resources; create custom structures for analysis and for writing to other structured data repositories.
  • Use Perl's elegant Object-Oriented Programming language features to create classes, instance variables and methods; understand and use the OOP design features encapsulation and polymorphism, and learn good class design approaches using composition and inheritance.
  • Explore and use Perl's vast module library, including several useful modules that should be a part of any Perl programmer's toolkit, and learn how to design and disseminate custom modules through the organization or the world.
  • Explore and write Perl programs for the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), creating networked Perl programs that can be accessed over the company intranet or anywhere in the world.
  • Learn Perl's database interface module (DBI), and how to read from and write to relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle and many others.
  • Learn how to use Perl's powerful regular expression engine for text analysis and processing.

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