Advanced Ajax Development
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This 3-day, hands-on advanced workshop will give the attendee the chance to develop the skills needed to develop feature-rich web applications that simulate the current experience of the desktop application user. Building on the attendee's knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, this workshop moves quickly into dissection of the DOM (document object model) and asynchronous JavaScript methods that form the heart of the AJAX development framework. Using extensive in-class, and hands-on examples, exercises – and a workshop project – attendees will gain valuable knowledge and experience in how and why AJAX is becoming one of the fastest growing web application development solutions today.

Attendees will learn from lecture, demos, and hands-on exercises the details and intricacies of the DOM that opens every web page element to the control and manipulation of the developer. They will learn how to utilize the power of the desktop platform to perform operations that would normally require a round-trip to the web server, and how to deal with some of the issues that asynchronous operations bring to the web development environment. Attendees should leave this workshop with the knowledge and understanding of how to immediately put AJAX to work in their everyday application development situations.

Who Should Attend

This workshop will be very beneficial to web programmers, web site designers, content managers, programmers, software engineers, and those that manage such personnel and projects.


Experience with web site development using HTML, dynamic HTML, and XML, and 1 year coding experience in JavaScript or VBScript with JavaScript is preferable.

Workshop Objectives
  • Dissect the AJAX development framework to understand the major AJAX components.
  • Learn and experience, with in-class examples, how to use the DOM for web page element control.
  • Learn how to use the XMLHttpRequest to obtain new data points from the web server.
  • Learn how to use the concept of IFrame objects to house AJAX page components.
  • Understand how to break out of the "Client/Server" web model currently deployed on most sites.
  • User AJAX methods to control form, and form input objects to limit server-side overhead.
  • Use CSS formatting to control the "look and feel" of the web apps without page refreshing.
  • Learn advanced XML skills and techniques to communicate with web servers and DBMS.
  • Learn the differences between the DHTML and DOM page object definitions and events.
  • Compare some of the vendor-proprietary solutions such as .NET, XML and JSF vs. AJAX.
  • Using an extensive workshop project/example, workshop topics will be illustrated and expanded.
  • Develop a simple, yet powerful design framework for using AJAX solutions in the real world.
  • Examine current AJAX vendor offerings for strengths and weaknesses.

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