Unit Testing and System Verification
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This 2-day workshop promotes a uniform approach to testing with a concentration on testing at the unit level. It addresses the roles of each participant in the software development process, outlining responsibilities, expectations, and mechanisms for measuring the success of the effort. It introduces participants to QA concepts, but concentrates on unit testing and QA techniques for developers. The workshop includes examples of testing methodologies, sample unit test plans, and exercises.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is extremely helpful for project leaders, project managers, business analysts, management professionals, systems analysts, quality assurance professionals, quality control professionals, and information specialists and will be an extreme benefit to programmers (developers). Representatives of organizations planning to adopt a development methodology such as Agile, or plan to test in an eXtreme Programming environment, should also consider this workshop.

Workshop Objectives
  • Clarify the objectives of unit testing and the role of the programmer as the primary tester.
  • Review the levels of unit testing, and write unit test plans.
  • Identify the white box and black box sources for creating unit tests.
  • Develop comprehensive unit test plans and measure the degree of coverage.
  • Establish the relationships between unit and system testers.
  • Work on techniques to estimate the testing effort.
  • Examine quality assurance techniques that will make the development effort more productive.
  • Introduce numerous techniques to identify testable conditions.
  • Discuss specifications, and recommend approaches to improve system requirement gathering and the writing of comprehensive specifications.
  • Establish comprehensive test objectives.
  • Discuss programming standards and the impact on testing requirements.
  • Measure complexity at the specification level.
  • Maximize the development effort, while minimizing the defect rate.
  • Review automated test tools and their role in the testing process.
  • Examine the testing differences in traditional, OO and Web based programming environments.
  • Determine the best testing approach based upon the development methodology.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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