Testing and Quality Assurance for Managers
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This workshop introduces participants to the management side of testing and quality assurance. The workshop begins with an overview of the steps and techniques involved in the testing process. We discuss and offer examples on how to incorporate automated tools without the high cost of implementation. During the workshop we describe and discuss various types of testing and the peaks and pitfalls of each. We will work on team building skills and employee development options for the testing/quality assurance professional.

The workshop addresses the ideas of exploratory vs. scripted testing techniques and how you can incorporate both options in your environment to achieve an acceptable balance of testing. We discuss and demonstrate how to best manage testing changes, both small and large scale modifications and how to introduce those modifications back into the live environment. Lastly the workshop investigates how managers can document the activities in the corporate environment ensuring accountability to other managers and other departments within your organizations. Participants will apply learned techniques to improve how they elicit, analyze, document, manage, maintain and improve the testing process.

Who Should Attend

Participants for this workshop should have some experience with testing environments and the management of personnel. This group would include, but is not limited to, managers, administrators, coordinators, programmers, testers and personnel considering management positions.

Workshop Objectives
  • Become more familiar with managing the testing process.
  • Create meaningful testing metrics.
  • Establish more efficient ways to use the existing testing resources.
  • Learn how to create an effective customer/development partnership.
  • Elicit the testing requirements from users and other stakeholders using various techniques.
  • Ensure the ability for all testers to recognize the areas of applications at risk and ensure that the appropriate amount of testing is done.
  • Produce more viable testing success criteria.
  • Understand the different types of testing.
  • Be able to plan and establish a successful testing group.
  • Solidify your existing testing team structure ensuring a cohesive balanced team.
  • Establish and realize the ROI for testing.
  • Delineate critical success factors.
  • Ensure the structure of the application area or system under modification.
  • Confidently transition from manual to automated testing.
  • Use rules and structure to test and verify the results.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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