Ensuring Quality in an Agile Environment
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With more and more companies moving to agile, our 2-day testing workshop promotes a jump-start approach to quality assurance in an agile world. The workshop addresses the roles and responsibilities of each participant in the agile software development process. It outlines the optimal mechanisms to measure performance and progress in an agile world. The course emphasizes a practical approach toward using an agile environment to create higher quality products, faster, while addressing the ever-changing needs and resources of an organization. Since agile is adaptable and freeform, businesses often find it challenging to implement agile as a trusted business process. Whether your organization is considering going agile, making the transition, or already operating in an agile mode — this workshop will help smooth the transition, correct the issues, and help you avoid future pitfalls. This workshop will help businesses adopt a customized agile process.

In an agile world, testing is iterative and continuous; therefore we must adjust our testing techniques to ensure a balance between flexibility, speed, and coverage. The features and functions are not truly implemented until automated regression tests have been added to support the need for continuous integration and regression testing.

Agile is intended to be supported by the right mix of people, process, and tools. The workshop helps you to identify the resources that will be required, and how to work with agile when dealing with the realities of geographic separation, multiple teams, and limited resources. The workshop identifies shortcomings in the agile world and shortcuts to making the agile process flourish in a plethora of different testing environments. The agile environment must be supported by test automation, test management, and requirements management to ensure completeness, correctness, and adaptability.

Who Should Attend

Agile methodologies work best when all stakeholders have some level of understanding of the standards, principles and best practices. This workshop is for project managers, developers, programmers, testers, system architects, sponsors, program managers, and customers.

Workshop Objectives
  • Review testing in an agile methodology.
  • Translate requirements into tests, and demonstrate the value of early testing vs. late testing.
  • Use structured techniques to compute test coverage and determine if it is adequate.
  • Identify success factors for your organization, including FDD and TDD.
  • Be able to present the values and benefits of an agile approach to other stakeholders.
  • Be able to show the customer the importance of involvement in an agile project.
  • Manage or participate in an agile team.
  • Convert from traditional to agile practices without losing confidence or control.
  • Perform the necessary project management and product development activities.
  • Facilitate the agile interactive processes.
  • Effectively communicate the value of quality assurance to management.
  • Develop strategies to implement better approaches to quality assurance in your organization, and clarify the role of the tester in the organization.
  • Use diagraming techniques to identify testable conditions from specifications.
  • Identify the appropriate metrics to measure progress and performance in an agile environment.
  • Refine techniques for estimating the testing effort, and set test objectives.
  • Write test plans that fit in an agile environment and assure the desired amount of test coverage.
  • Assess readiness to acquire test tools and automate the testing process.
  • Create reports to communicate testing progress.
  • Establish criteria to start testing and determine when it is completed.
  • Suggest methods to motivate a testing group in an agile environment.

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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