What Our Clients Are Saying

“Great explanation of the test case and test script and introduced many new techniques that will be usefull to all of us. Great instructor, knows his stuff, kept it interesting and was amazing at keeping people involved.”
Jean-Pierrre Vezza


“I now have a better "toolkit" of possible procedures to use. The class helped me to see some of the industry standards in use out there and windened my views of how to test more thoroughly and effectively. The course content was presented in a logical manner and covered all bases involved in the software testing process. The instructor was animated, well-informed and kept us involved with group interaction. He challenged our thought processes in a very effective manner. When you start to talk about company wide training, CA has many development and QA groups all over the world that would benfit from this type of class.”
Charles (Chip) Carpp


“The instructor did an excellent job of adapting the course to our requirements and in answering our many questions thoroughly, covering topics most releveant to us. We are all most definitely very impressed by the course content and by how very effectively the instructor presented the materials, (without looking at the course workbook). From my first contact with New Instruction, I have been impressed by the obviously well defined and well executed process in place.”
Ginny Eiwen


“Very comprehensive and very well presented. A fellow developer, the instructor knew the subject well and all related technologies, and was able to answer all our questions. It was great that the labs built on each other and I especially liked that he did the labs with us as a guide, but still let us do them on our own.”
Chris O'Brien


“Excellent visual aids. The instructor was clearly versed in materials and has a lot of patience & took many questions before moving on. I really enjoyed the class. He made me see that I have more knowledge than I realized, I just needed to learn where to apply these tools to process improvement projects. I loved that he performed exercises before assigning them to the group.”
Stephanie Chiocca
Northern Trust


“ I was very impressed with the presenter's knowledge of the topic. I feel that his history helped me to establish his credibility on the subject immediately. He really knows his information and is not a trainer who is presenting information that he has never used or practiced himself.”
Mark Ragland,
JP Morgan Chase


“ Fantastic presenter. He really knows his stuff and appears to really love the art of testing. Great stories and examples! I liked the diversity of exercises and examples for testing standards application.”
Theresa Macdonald, Wellpoint


“ The instructor demonstrated great enthusiasm and was able to get the entire class involved. He was extremely knowledgeable of the topic and the course materials. He never read from the book. It was a wonderful class! Thanks.”
Janell Carlson,
Medic Computer Systems


“ The instructor was great. Very enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and was well versed on the topic. He gave a multitude of information with facts, numbers, and methodologies. I highly recommend this program.”
Paula Austin,
Medic Computer Systems


“ I received a wonderful amount of information. I have been in a QA position for over a year and just now am getting explanation and definitions of my field. It was great to have a life preserver thrown at us and know we can optimize our work effort and reduce our time wasters. The instructor was great! Bring him back!”
Lori Meyers, MCS


“ What a great class! Very entertaining presentation. Very knowledgeable about Internet technologies, as well as the business side. The instructor provided us with an understanding of the future, as well as the rationale behind why certain technologies are becoming more prevalent than others. I am better equipped to help my company make future decisions.”
Michael Kane, MassMutual


“ This was a great course. I have definitely learned more with this training than all the CBT's I've taken combined. The instructor is a strong presenter and is very effective when it comes to explaining very technical concepts. I would be very interested in more telecom courses written and facilitated by this instructor.”
Linda Bell, Avaya


“ Power packed with useful ideas and techniques for improving software development and quality. Great Manual! Great instructor!”
Paul De Sanctis, SunGard


“ My idea of a perfect learning experience. The instructor was great at breaking down concepts for better understanding. He was extremely polite, professional and easy to talk to which encouraged the class to participate fully.”
Reeta Santos-Selene, Lucent


“ Very information-rich class. More than I ever expected to learn in a two-day workshop. The instructor really knew the material and I like how he used his life experiences in the telecommunication industry to explain the terms I use on the job everyday. This was exactly what I needed.”
Craig Wilsey, Lucent


“ The instructor made the class very interesting and understandable. He is an excellent instructor, conveying the material thoroughly, clearly - involving the whole class. It is clear that he knows the subject materials well and is gifted in teaching.”


“ The instructor was one of the best trainers that I have had at IT University. He made the class fun, informative and used many examples to prove out the concepts discussed. He did an excellent job in making sure that everyone was involved and contributed to the class. I think this class should be mandatory for all our developers. It introduces more testing concepts and helps to reinforce the collaboration between developers and testers in the analysis of the applications we create. It's a lot of information to cover in 3-days, but the instructor did an excellent job!”
Mark Vasko, Progressive Insurance


“ The instructor has great enthusiasm in his teaching methods. He understands and is able to communicate his knowledge to the class. He has a wonderful way of engaging all in the learning process and really targets those areas that were most relevant to our group. Great job, thanks!”


“ Consistent comment from all participants has been this is one of the best, if not the best, training classes taken; for our environment in particular the information covered in the course is very relevant and very helpful.”
Gail Jenkins, CIGNA Healthcare


“ Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable, professional and enlightening. Excellent project work given to teams - very interactive.”
Karen Vallier, St. Paul Travelers


“ An excellent class; well beyond my expectations. The instructor not only has the knowledge of the subject matter, but this was probably the most well-run class I've taken. He is an excellent teacher and facilitator, I don't think I would have enjoyed it (or learned as much) without him!”
Karen Petrucelli, CIGNA


“ This was one of the most immediately useful courses I have ever taken. The presenter kept a potentially dry topic lively.”
Christine Cullen, MetLife


“ This class exceeded my expectations. Project leads and managers could benefit from this class. I highly suggest that it be a core requirement at Progressive.”

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New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

New Instruction is an SBA certified Woman-owned small business

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