Network Security: Challenges and Solutions
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This workshop is intended to provide network analysts with the basic tools needed to protect their computer networks. This 3-day workshop is normally presented as a combination of lecture, hands-on, and demonstrations. Clients hosting the class should discuss workshop customization and setup requirements with the workshop director.

Hands-on labs and demos include LAN setup, configuring IP, basic and extended IP commands such as PING, TRACERT and NETSTAT, using a LAN analyzer to examine IP packets, and using PingPro, NSLOOKUP, and WHOIS utilities on the Internet. Students will build Network Address Translation (NAT) and packet filtering firewalls in class.

Who Should Attend

Personnel responsible for assuring the security of networked corporate resources: data center security personnel, technical and communications managers, system and security engineers, LAN/WAN and network support technicians, systems and network analysts and designers, sales representatives and application engineers, information managers and LAN/WAN specialists.


Students attending the class should be comfortable with the Windows environment and accessing the Internet. Some prior exposure to the TCP/IP protocol stack is also advisable.

Workshop Objectives
  • "Security is a process, not a product." — How to build a strong security process.
  • Understanding the non-technical issues: How much security is enough?
  • How to add security to voice and data networks.
  • How to recognize and repair network architectures that pose security threats.
  • Recognize and deal with Physical Layer security issues.
  • Recognize and deal with Data Link Layer security issues.
  • Be able to discuss weaknesses in the TCP/IP protocol suite: TCP, UDP and ICMP.
  • Know how to strengthen TCP/IP to acceptable standards.
  • Be able to explain the security implications of ICANN, ARIN, WHOIS and DNS utilities.
  • Explain the security built into VPNs, and how to pass VPNs through NAT and firewalls.
  • Explain how routing protocols relate to security, and how to make them more secure.
  • Know how to minimize the occurrence of time-wasting nuisances such as spam, adware, and pop-ups.
  • Be able to explain and implement best practices in web browser security.

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