Introduction to Microsoft ADO.NET
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

In this 3-day workshop participants will learn about the features provided by ADO.NET 2.0, learn to connect to data sources, retrieve and manipulate data, and perform data updates. Participants will also examine the various ADO.NET classes including Connection, Command, DataReader, DataSet, DataTable, DataRelation, and more. Attendees will witness how to apply constraints and relationships to disconnected data, and learn how to update data — including how to handle stored procedures, parameters, and return values.

At the completion of this workshop participants will understand how to search, sort, and filter data stored in a DataSet or DataTable, become familiar with strongly typed DataSets and learn their advantages, see how to leverage the power of XML through serialization, Diffgrams, and the XMLDataDocument object, and examine new ADO.NET features that support SQL Server 2008 technologies — including asynchronous commands, Multiple Active Result Sets, bulk inserts, and more.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for developers who need to learn how to use ADO.NET to connect, manipulate, and interact with XML and relational data. System architects and project managers should attend to gain knowledge of the technologies and functionality available in ADO.NET.

Workshop Objectives
  • Connect to multiple types of data sources, including SQL Server and Microsoft Jet/Access.
  • Retrieve data, using the DataAdapter, Command, and DataReader classes.
  • Create and configure Command parameters.
  • Cache data using the DataTable and DataSet classes.
  • Apply constraints to DataTable and DataColumn objects.
  • Create relations between DataTable objects, using the DataRelation class.
  • Update data using DataAdapter and Command classes.
  • Work with strongly typed DataSet and DataTable classes.
  • Retrieve and update data using TableAdapter classes.
  • Handle exceptions and data errors, including concurrency errors.
  • Search, sort, and filter data using the DataView class.
  • Work with auto-increment columns in multi-user applications.
  • Retrieve and generate XML data.
  • Take advantage of new SQL Server 2008 features.

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