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Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology empowers Web servers with the ability to deliver dynamically built HTML pages to browsers. However, ASP lacks the modularity, security, and ease of development that today's Internet software requires. To provide designers and programmers with a powerful set of development tools and a robust infrastructure that addresses the most common problems faced by Web developers, Microsoft completely rewrote ASP, resulting in ASP.NET, which runs in the .NET Common Runtime Language (CLR) environment.

This 3-day hands-on class presents an introduction to building Web applications with ASP.NET. Using the Visual Studio .NET IDE, each student will build a complete Web application during the workshop. The application will put into practice the topics presented in class, such as data access, exception handling, tracing, Web Forms page layout, state management, and security. The instructor will also present configuration, performance, and ASP migration tips.

NOTE: This class can be taught in either Visual Basic .NET or C#.

Who Should Attend

The workshop material is aimed at developers who will be creating Web applications using ASP.NET


No ASP experience is necessary. However, students are expected to be familiar with .NET and to know the basic constructs of HTML and the language in which the class is taught.

Workshop Objectives
  • Use Web Forms to create an interactive Web page.
  • Handle application, page, and control events.
  • Debug an ASP.NET program within Visual Studio .NET.
  • Build reliable Web applications using exception handling.
  • Access data with ADO.NET.
  • Partition ASP.NET applications into reusable components.
  • Configure application security.
  • Expose an ASP.NET application as a web service.

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