Ruby on Rails and Web Application Development
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This 3-day workshop builds on the attendee's basic knowledge of the Ruby language (see Programming with Ruby) in learning how to combine Ruby with SQL databases like MySQL to simplify web site development dramatically. Ruby on Rails (ROR) does all the normal backend plumbing needed to develop a web site using a backend SQL database. In class, attendees will receive CD's with complete ROR development environments that they can use. This development environment includes everything needed to learn, to use – and if desired – deploy an ROR application: ROR, web server, and SQL database. This development environment can be taken with the attendee upon successful completion of the workshop to further their use of this exciting web development solution.

Ruby on Rails can simplify the development of a database-backed web site or application in two ways: first, with the Ruby language and its straightforward, fully Object-Oriented syntax, and secondly, through the implementation of intelligent defaults and conventions that speeds the development process by off-loading the tedious configuration and maintenance issues. ROR cuts through the complexities that Java, JavaScript, VBasic, .NET, PHP, and Perl normally interject into a web development environment. This workshop helps the attendee to learn and take advantage of these benefits offered by ROR.

This workshop will provide extensive programming examples and exercises to assist the attendee with the understanding of ROR programming concepts. The attendees will also complete an in-class project that will further expand ROR development knowledge and skills.

Who Should Attend

This workshop will be very beneficial to all those involved in designing, developing, and deploying web-based applications: web designers, web developers, and programmers, web application design engineers, and those that manage such personnel or projects.


Familiarity and experience with web scripting such as Perl, Python, JavaScript, or VBScript – or – experience with web site development using HTML, XML, or VRML – or – light coding experience in some current programming language; Ruby is preferable.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand how the Ruby on Rails framework works to simplify web development.
  • Learn the basics of the MVC (model-view-controller) application partitioning environment.
  • Experience how to install and use a normal Ruby on Rails development solution.
  • Understand the controller component function as the intelligent router for Rails applications.
  • Learn how to use Rails conventions to speed up application development, simplify maintenance.
  • Use templates and views to control how the data is presented to the user.
  • Develop data models to interface with the backend database systems to provide page data.
  • Using a comprehensive in-class project, develop an online shopping web site using Rails.
  • Learn how to test and deploy a Rails application to either an Internet or Intranet web host.
  • Learn how to use the Rails Builder to automate creation of application components.

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