Flex: Programming the Visual Experience
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What is Adobe Flex? Like Flash, Flex creates SWF files that are rendered by Flash Player. However, Flex is primarily a developer's tool and the way you develop Flex applications is entirely different than the way you develop Flash RIAs. All Flex development is based upon a framework that provides you with reusable and extendable UI components, data retrieval services, event handling functionality and much more.

In this 3-day workshop, learn from an Adobe Certified Master Instructor for the Flex, Flash, ColdFusion, and Dreamweaver product lines. Flex: Programming the Visual Experienceprovides experienced Flex developers with hands-on practical experience implementing common graphical and interactive requirements illustrated by designer and project mockups. With our instructor paving the way, you will learn how to work with embedded images and fonts, implement transitions and easing effects, apply filters and blends, and programmatically interact with mouse position and actions like dragging and dropping. In addition, participants will learn how to extend and skin Flex UI components using both images and shapes drawn with the ActionScript Drawing API.

Who Should Attend

Flex is geared towards programmers, rather than designers. The primary Flex programming language, ActionScript 3, is Object-Oriented so it is a good idea for participants to have some experience with OOP concepts.

Workshop Objectives
  • Discover how to create data bound drag and drop functionality for virtually any Flex control.
  • Learn to create mouse-aware application features.
  • Understand loose component coupling, implemented through bindings and events.
  • Get inside tips on optimizing file size through programmatic shape creation.
  • See how to implement and skin Flex components directly in ActionScript 3.0.

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