Essential Java EE-based Architecture for Executives and Managers
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This 3-day Immersive Learning workshop introduces you to the Java EE architecture and individual technologies that the market has determined is the de facto standard for robust, secure, distributed enterprise-wide software solutions. Even more valuable is the experiencing of a paradigm shift in thinking required of the executive level that seeks to maximize the strategic power of the Java EE platform to implement in software the ideas of their best people.

A third major overall benefit of this workshop is the experiencing of the Immersive-Learning labs that immediately apply the new knowledge base and skill set just learned. This instructional design caveat is embedded in the way the material is revealed to you, discussed, and queued in your mind for later recall. Through fun – but intense – labs, teamwork, detection and design sessions, you will acquire the equivalent of a full year in the life of a Java EE architect.

This workshop provides the enterprise-wide multidisciplinary "same song sheet" desperately needed by today's organizations that need to gain efficiency and cut costs while increasing productivity. It represents part of the executive pre-work needed to build a truly effective Service-Oriented Architecture that embraces enterprise-wide Java EE business integration for both one's own firm and the building of Java EE solutions for customers and clients.

Who Should Attend

This learning workshop is comprehensive in design and appropriate for executive and management personnel desiring basic adeptness with the Java EE architecture, and technical managers who are responsible for making decisions about these technologies.

Workshop Objectives
  • The Java EE architecture and specification.
  • Every major Java EE technology and how to architecturally design distributed solutions.
  • What an XML namespace is, and why Java and XML work so well together.
  • How the modeling of business processes and workflows occurs within Java EE-enabled Service-Oriented Architectures.
  • Form an essential mental "floorplan" within which to place the Java EE technology "furniture" that can keep you oriented amidst the most complex of solution design discussions and implementations.
  • Build a library of mental images (Reference Images) to refer to when discussing any part of the Java EE architecture and APIs with your IT staff.
  • What you can and can't do with Java EE Integrated Development Environments (IDE).
  • Intelligent strategies for determining where to use which Java EE technology.
  • The ideals and best practices that go into some of the world's best Java EE solutions.
  • How to talk intelligently with your IT staff about Java EE solutions to customer issues.
  • To craft the architecture of a Java EE solution to an enterprise process problem you bring with you into the workshop.

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