Building Java EE-based Web Services for the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This Immersive Learning workshop provides participants with state-of-the-art principles for understanding and building a Service-Oriented Architecture with Java-based Web Services technologies. Everything has been updated and tailored to meet new industry requirements. It is a hands-on, lab-based learning experience for Java EE developer teams wanting to understand the SOA and Web services rationale and gain hands-on experience in the second-generation SOA framework and technologies that are proving to be the next major paradigm shift in Web-based distributed computing for the enterprise.

In addition to the core technologies that make up Web Services, developer teams will learn the philosophy behind the SOA, why it is all the rage, what is groundbreaking about it, how it fits within Java EE, what it's best for and what it's worst for, and where it holds potential for better integrated solutions across the enterprise.

Who Should Attend

Software developers and their managers needing an overview of new trends in IT, architects and managers who must collaborate with technical staff, team leaders of Java EE projects, legacy code reuse projects, and business process improvement initiatives, IT project managers that need to harness the full power of Java EE for crafting secure distributed web services-based portal solutions, hard-core Java EE programmers, system integrators, and technical staff potentially involved in building an SOA.


Software developers should have 1-2 years experience with servlets and JSPs, and should be familiar with XML. Executives, managers, and project leads need only to have in mind the broad scope of the demands on their respective areas of responsibility, and an open mind.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand and intelligently discuss with peers and managers the competencies of Web Services and their core technologies.
  • Understand the big picture, the advantages and disadvantages, and what it takes to maintain deployments.
  • Design, develop, and deploy real-world Java EE Web Services.
  • Expose existing Java applications and components as XML Web Services.
  • Write Java components that access remote Web Services hosted by a third party.
  • Read and understand a WSDL document.
  • Parse, process, and respond to a SOAP message, synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Employ in real-world solutions the tools and APIs provided by the JWSD and that lead the industry.
  • Come away with hands-on experience in the leading tools in this space that facilitate development and maintenance of SOA Web-Services deployments.

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